Social Media Analytics: Cross-Platform Statistics Webinar Recording

Social Media gives us the ability to connect with customers and prospects in ways we never thought possible...So why are you still analyzing this information like it's 1999?

Join us for a riveting 30 minute webinar where we will demonstrate how we helped, advertising and marketing giant, Ackerman McQueen gain critical insight from data gathered across multiple social media outlets! 

While each social media platform offers some form of data aggregation, having the ability to truly analyze this data from multiple platforms is challenging. The challenge for Ackerman McQueen was that each social platform lives in a post-centric world. That is to say that Facebook makes it easy to tell how a Facebook post is performing - as does YouTube, Twitter, and Google - but for Ackerman McQueen the business value lies in the ability to know how their content is performing throughout its lifecycle.  Knowing how a Facebook post performed is interesting but knowing how posts across all of their social media platforms are performing, and having the ability to analyze this data, is the type of information that guides the decision making process.

In this 30-minute webinar we will discuss the approach we took to combine content from Facebook (Paid and Organic), YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Analytics to create a one-stop shop for consuming the right social media analytics.