Leveraging Your Organization’s CECL Data Warehouse Webinar Recording

In this 30-minute webinar, learn the importance of leveraging your CECL data warehouse for analysis of complex instruments. By 2022, all regulated lenders will be CECL compliant. Becoming CECL compliant is compelling lenders to build credit portfolio data marts/warehouses. Lenders who are making this investment should also be leveraging these data repositories as a source of improved portfolio analytics. A key area where data marts can offer lenders a significant advantage is in the area of analysis of complex lending instruments. For example, many portfolio management systems are not designed to either manage or report on split-risk, or partially held-for-sale instruments. Often, the details of these instruments are recorded off line in spreadsheets. When these details are integrated into the CECL data warehouse, the impact of split-risk and held-for-sale investments can be easily understood within the context of the entire portfolio.

Critical Point: There are key governance principles that should be followed to avoid loss of institutional control over how the data are managed and recorded.

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