Data Driven Value for PE Firms Webinar Recording

Businesses today are grappling with how to operate in a digitally-driven world, and that sentiment is especially true for the Private Equity industry. Whether its due diligence, deal sourcing, or value-creation activities, PE owners and operators are quickly learning the benefits that data and analytics can provide to assess risks, identify opportunities, and create value within their portfolio.

But the question remains: What are the key drivers of success, and what data should PE firms be sourcing and activating to create an effective roadmap and achieve next level performance?

Find out what types of data the industry is seeking – and how it’s being used to create business value – in our upcoming webinar Data-Driven Value Creation: Key Levers of Success for Top PE Firms, attendees will discover:​​​​​

  • How a data-driven approach delivers increased ROI
  • Uncover the surprising risks and opportunities data and analytics have to offer 
  • Achieve data transparency and create reporting to optimize decision making
  • The types of data used during various stages of value creation
  • The tech stack required to achieve value creation
  • Real examples of PE firms using data to create value within their portfolio