COVID-19 Pandemic Webinar Series: Optimizing Supply Chain Purchasing in Health Systems

Individual departments and hospitals have saved $1M to $3M annually and become profitable by making strategic changes to their purchasing contracts.

Supply chain purchasing is the second-largest and fastest-growing expense for providers, and the problem has been compounded with the increased supply needs to support COVID-19 patients. It’s complex nature makes it difficult and time-intensive to determine the best ways to optimize purchasing so that savings will be maximized. Throughout health systems, hospitals, and even departments, it is common to have multiple contracts in place that often result in major inefficiencies and, ultimately, millions of dollars per hospital per year in wasted money.

Imagine a world where you have an easy-navigate dashboard that highlights every important aspect of your supply chain across your entire health system(s). Imagine further that your supply chain dashboard is always up-to-date requiring very little, if any, manual data prep. Even better, imagine once more that within seven seconds of your opening that dashboard, you have clearly identified potential areas of savings. Moreover, you’re able to identify what actions you need to take within just seventeen seconds so that you can immediately go after the cost savings that will provide the greatest impact. This changes everything.