Forecasting Elective Procedures After COVID-19 Shutdown Webinar Recording

Is there any way to forecast what the trends in elective procedures will be over the coming months, as well as the clinical and financial consequences? It depends on the data that are available to your organization. A great deal can be learned from past data on elective procedures, their authorization and procedure dates, and information on follow up claims. With this basic information, commonly available dashboarding and predictive tools can help illustrate what you should expect in the coming months. Join Acuity Analytics, a data management and analytics advisor to dozens of healthcare providers and payers institutions, as we demonstrate our solution for Forecasting the Return of Elective Procedures After COVID-19 Shutdown.

During this session we will discuss:

  • The data that are required to make objective forecasts of the schedule for elective procedures (it may be less extensive and complex than you expect).
  • The sources of variation that can be manipulated to arrive at the most representative forecast for your organization.
  • How planning towards a forecast of the elective-procedure schedule helps your organization to avoid clinical complications and financial shortfalls.
  • Join us as we discuss these topics and propose a solution we believe is timely and relevant to most healthcare providers and payers.