Modern Data Management Webinar Recording Access

Are you contemplating a change to your data management platform? Are you aware of the options and value propositions of migrating to a cloud-based data management solution? Would you like to learn how to reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs, and improve performance by modernizing your data management infrastructure? Data-management options have been rapidly evolving and diversifying. There are an overwhelming number of new offerings which promise to deliver answers to all platforms and technical needs for data management. Leaders need to make practical plans and decisions to fulfill the ‘visionary end state’ with viable, maintainable solutions.

During this session we will discuss:

  • Why centralized data repositories remain necessary
  • What makes a modern data warehouse ‘modern’
  • What are the advantages of a cloud-based infrastructure, and what are the considerations of employing a public vs. a private cloud
  • How to identify the technology options that best fit each organization and their desired end states
  • How to demonstrate the value of a modern data management approach to the business users
  • How to quantify costs of implementing data management platforms and gain insight into cost savings
  • Join Waypoint, a data management and analytics advisor to over 100 clients across multiple industries, for this webinar where we will discuss how clients plan, implement and govern modern data management platforms.